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of Arts


The school offers 2 years of further study upon graduation from The Secondary School of Arts (Maturity Exam paper is not required)

Students complete 4 semesters

Specializing in:

  • Stage Design Techniques – Props and Costume Design, Decorative Art

    The aim of this specialization is training the skills of design and handiwork of artistic elements used in stage design and decoration. Students execute both their own and assigned projects, based on discussed material concerning general arts as well as specific issues within stage design techniques. Props, decorations and costumes for the purpose of theatres, films, TV, commercials and public performances are designed and made. Students get familiar with both possibilities and limitations of this artistic specialization. They gain basic knowledge and skills, which are essential to continue education on a university level as well as to participate in shaping culture in a broad sense

  • The school comprises 2 units (Year I, Year II), with approximately 20 students in each year.
    Some classes are conducted with the division into groups. Throughout the year (2 days a week), first year students do work experience in interior design workrooms of theatres in Łódź, according to their specialization. Each student owns a student record book, in which their progress in every subject is documented.
    Furthermore, artistic education in the first year is supplemented by yearly plein-air painting workshops. The graduates of Post-secondary School of Arts are entitled to take their exams and continue education on a university level after graduation and during the summer holidays.